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Birthdays From The Heart's
sole aim is to bring birthday joy to disadvantaged kids.
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We provide:

  • birthday cake / cupcakes

  • gifts + birthday card

  • party food & drinks

  • themed tableware

  • loot bags

  • balloons & streamers

  • party game


We rely on the generosity of supporters to keep our Birthday Store stocked with great gifts for ages 1-18yrs.

The Mum gets to personally select the gifts because who knows her child better than she does?


If you want to donate but aren't sure what to buy, check out our Gift Suggestions page for some great ideas.

Birthday Party Referrals

Only referrals from a registered women's refuge, safe-at-home program or associated counselling service can be accepted at this time.

Please see Agencies tab for more information.

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Master 5's Mum

Thank you so much for your help to make my son's birthday, he is so happy

Child Advocate

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and your team Sam for providing an amazing birthday party for Miss S!  In her words it was “totally awesome” and her grin was as wide as I’ve ever seen it

Miss C, K & T and Master C's Mum

Our family would like to say a huge thank you to all the team @ Birthdays From The Heart for making our birthday’s very special this year