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Do gifts have to be new?

Yes.  The children who receive a birthday are already at a disadvantage, so to make them feel really special and important on their big day, they must receive brand new gifts.

Who can apply for a party?

We can only accept referrals from registered women's shelters, safe at home programs and associated counselling services.

How do you decide which gifts a child gets?

We don't.  The Mum does.  We provide her with a $50 give voucher which she uses to 'shop' in our Birthday Store.  All gift vouchers issued are for the same amount.

Why do the items in the Birthday Store have a price on them?

We apply a token value to each item (not indicative of retail prices) to ensure that the higher value gifts are not all selected within one order.  We think this is the fairest way to ensure that each Mum has a range of different value gifts to choose from.

I want to make a cash donation, can I get a tax receipt?

Unfortunately at this time, we don't have the status from the ATO that would allow us to provide a tax receipt.

Do you host the party?

No.  We just deliver all the party items to the Mum so she can set up the party her way.

Can I help at a party?

Unfortunately no, the parties are either at the shelter or a transitional home and these details are kept strictly confidential.  All deliveries are also done by our in-house team due to the need for confidentiality.

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