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Who can apply for a party?

If you are currently receiving assistance from a Support Agency of some kind due to hardship, please fill out the referral form here.


If you are an employee at a Support Agency and have a child/family you would like to refer to use - please use this form.

What happens if my application is successful?

Once we review your submitted application form, either Sam or Elyse will be in contact via email to assist you through the process. We will arrange the purchase of gifts and cake. The cake will need to be picked up from either Woolworths or the Cheesecake Shop - this will be ordered to your nearest store. The gifts are to be selected from Kmart and we will order either via Delivery to your home address or Click & Collect to your nearest store depending on how soon the birthday is.

How do you decide which gifts a child gets?

We don't.  The Caregiver does.  We provide them with a $60 limit to spend at Kmart to purchase gifts for their child. This way the presents can be personalised to each child we provide Birthday Joy to. 

I want to make a cash donation, can I get a tax receipt?

Unfortunately at this time, we don't have the status from the ATO that would allow us to provide a tax receipt.

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