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Birthday Gifts Galore

Lorenda has been following us for some time now and she recently decided to host a gift drive at her work and this is the result...well, a portion of it anyway...

As I have mentioned on other occasions, the range of gifts was brilliant and the little babies clothes had us oohing and aahing over how darn cute they were.

But wait...there's more.

Tucked into a little organza bag was $300. You heard right. Three.Hundred.Dollars!!

These gorgeous people donated not only gifts but have literally gifted us the ability to provide complete parties for more kids as the cash will be used to purchase party food.

And this story doesn't end just yet.

Lorenda told me the beautiful story behind one of the donations - a mum who, after explaining to her daughters about Birthdays From The Heart and what we did, took them to the shops and let them choose a gift they wished to purchase for a less fortunate child to receive. This is such a touching story - kids caring about other kids and wanting to help.

Thank you so much Lorenda, for following us and supporting us by hosting a gift drive and delivering it all to us. Please also pass on our sincere thanks to all those at your work who donated gifts and cash.

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