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Miss S Space Birthday Party

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

What an out of this world day we had on the 18th May! We were honoured to have the chance to plan an extravagant space themed birthday party for Miss S, who unfortunately, has been through some rough times with her mum and three younger siblings. As with all of our parties, we knew we had to go to ‘infinity and beyond’ for this celebration!

After compiling a list of ideas from our best friend (aka Google), we decided on the idea of using silvers, purples and blues (which conveniently happen to be the favourite colours of Miss S) as the colour theme based of a black table cover to make the colours POP!

Kmart (everyone’s favourite store) had the PERFECT plates to set us on the right path – silver stars! They even had silver cups and black table cover to set the base of the theme. Thank you, Kmart! With the spoons for the cake also coming from Kmart at a $1 bargain and the purple napkins from Red Dot, we had completed the tableware.

Next, we were in onto the decorations – including silver, blue and purple balloons with green (a favourite colour of the Birthday girl so we had to throw it in), purple and blue streamers to match. But, it didn’t stop there.

We are blessed to have some spectacular professional bakers on our team who regularly donate beautiful, on theme cakes, cupcakes and biscuits to make the party that much more special. Jess from J Cakes and Bakes made us an absolutely space-tacular cake with stars and planets, along with some awesome donuts with a galaxy glaze and matching galaxy decorated biscuits by Kay from Kitara Kreations.

The party foods were given names to be completely on theme such as:

· Flying Saucers (party pies)

· Space Shuttles (sausage rolls)

· Planetary Pizza

· Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars (watermelon and fairy bread cut into stars)

· Space Junk Jelly (jelly with chocolate chunks on top)

· Asteroids (Cheetohs)

We topped it all off with loot bags which included a space sticker, a couple of lollies, a glow stick and some yummy chocolates for each of the 20 children in attendance.

Delivery of all the goodies on the morning of the party was an absolute blast. Meeting the gorgeous mum and her amazing children, including the birthday girl and seeing the excitement on their faces is the highlight of this role. Happy Birthday Miss S!


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