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Start the car....

We couldn't have fit anymore in our car if we'd tried.

This amazing haul consisted not only of some pretty cool gifts, but also tableware (plain colours and a couple of themes we didn't have) AND party food and drinks!!

Coordinated by the very kind Emma and supported by the wonderfully generous people she knows in Bayswater, they did a brilliant job by donating such a range of items - each one of which will help make a child's birthday extra special.

We never fail to be excited when going through a large donation, as we love to see all the different kinds of gifts that people think of to donate. Each child we help is different and thanks to donations like these, our Birthday Store is always stocked with a wide variety of gifts for the Mums to choose for their child.

And when the donation includes tableware and food/drink, it means less that we need to purchase which means we end up being able to help more kids!

This is just a sample of the great gifts that were donated.

So, to Emma and everyone who donated, a big THANK YOU, we really appreciate your support.

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