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Support for Bushfire Victims

The Wooroloo bushfire tragedy that swept through a number of Perth hills communities caused great devastation with the loss of many homes, wildlife and natural bushfire.

We decided to create gift bags to give to those children who had lost everything in the fires and we received some wonderful support.

New West Foods (WA) Pty Ltd not only donated food to assist in providing meals to the evac centres, but they also donated to us this fantastic array of items which will go into the gift bags.

Colouring books, sticker books, Play Doh and an assortment of textas and crayons - these will certainly help to distract their young minds away from the stressful situation they find themselves in.

The scrapbooks are a very thoughtful addition for those children who like to express their feelings by drawing.

Many thanks to Damon, Dafny and their staff for helping to provide comfort to the kids . We are privileged to have their ongoing support.


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