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The Fun of Four

The biggest weekend so far in Birthdays history...4 parties...4 locations...all by 11 am and split between north of the river and south . We had to call in the big guns (my Mum ) to get all the deliveries done on time.

Party #1: Master A - this little dude has charm and charisma in spades...from his absolutely gorgeous little bowtie, shirt and hat to his light-up shoes....he totally rocked his birthday party outfit!! (His little bro was not so keen on keeping his bow tie on ). We were the lucky recipients of his big smiles and he even came with us to the door to wave goodbye. His Mum really touched our hearts, you see she doesn't speak very much English, but the caseworker told us that she wanted to meet us to say Thank You. We could see in her face and Master A's, how much this party meant to them .

Party #2 was Disney's Frozen for little Miss M. A funny story of how we met Miss A coming out the gate to wave hello at us closely followed by her Mum who shooed her back inside before she was able to see all the goodies we were about to unload. Mum shared her story with us as to how she found herself and her 4 children at the refuge, we will never fail to be saddened by the stories that are shared with us . Mum was absolutely blown away by all that we brought, she wasn't expecting to get so much. She was truly appreciative and on the verge of tears as she thanked us and asked us to pass on her thanks also to all who donated gifts that made Miss M's birthday possible.

Party #3 was Happy Birthday/Blue theme for Master M and Party #4 was Dinosaurs for Master TK. Delivered by my ever reliable Mum, the kids at both locations were excited to see what she was delivering.

This is how important donations are - all kinds of gifts, for all kinds of ages. To those who have donated to us (either cash or gifts), please give yourself a big pat on the back and know that 4 Birthday Kids and their guests had an absolutely wonderful day today because you care enough to support what we do.

Happiest of Birthdays to you Miss M and Masters A, M and TK

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