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Twice the Superheroes

Our next two parties are for two young boys, both turning 5 and both chose The Avengers for their theme.

Master K's parents have chosen some pretty cool pressies, including Hot Wheels, some Lego and one of our personal favourites (it has to be heard to be believed....and it's hilarious) the Fartbro Really Rad Robot. Yes, as the name implies, it has a range of special 'farts'. Just the thing to tickle the fancy of any little boy (actually, any age for that matter 😂).

Master J's Mum has selected some great Lego items, and two awesome books - Bluey and the The Lion King. We love reading ourselves so we are always happy to see books chosen as gifts. The Birthday Boy will love to share some reading time with his Mum 😊.

We're looking forward to delivering two more serves of Birthday fun to these deserving little fellas.


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