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Vision, Mission & Values

Updated: Sep 22, 2020


All children from financially disadvantaged families will be able to experience the excited anticipation of the lead up to their birthday and the joy of being able to celebrate their special day with family and friends.


Birthdays From The Heart aims to ensure that underprivileged children get to experience the joy of celebrating their birthday by providing fun, a present and other party essentials as we firmly believe in the power of celebration and its positive impact on children in need.


Inclusive: Making every disadvantaged child feel normal and part of the everyday world by giving them something that many other (more fortunate) children take for granted every year.

Supportive: We believe in supporting parents or caregivers in their quest to make their child feel special through the simple act of giving their child a birthday celebration.

Realistic: Using a realistic budget for each celebration we provide will ensure that we are able to bring birthday joy to as many kids as possible without sacrificing the quality of the occasion.



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