Airhogs Supernova Flying Toy

Airhogs Supernova Flying Toy


Unleash the power of your hands with the Air Hogs Supernova!


Only you can control this gravity-defying orb! Launch it, push it, spin it, using just your hands - no remote control or touching needed!  Equipped with an intelligent on-board system it has motion sensitive lights and sensors that respond to you.


No remote control needed! Features: Activate the Air Hogs Supernova by tossing it into the air! It will levitate, awaiting your command! Play solo or pass between friends! Ranging from simple to complex there are over 30 moves and 9 super tricks to master! You can make the Air Hogs Supernova orbit around you, disco dance or spin!


This small indoor flyer measures 5. 1" x 5. 1" x 4. 75". Charge time of 50-65 minutes to fly time of 5-7 minutes. For indoor levitating only. 

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