Endgame - James Frey Novels

Endgame - James Frey Novels


Includes 1 main story novel from from the Endgame series by James Frey and a book of novellas.

  • Book 2 of the main story - Sky Key:

Endgame is real. Endgame has started. Earth Key has been found. Two keys and nine players remain. The keys must be found, and only one Player can win.


  • Novellas: Endgame: The Complete Training Diaries

Before they were players... before the calling... they trained to be selected as the one to save their ancient bloodline - and win Endgame.

In this collection of Training Diaries novellas, follow Marcus, Chiyoko, Sarah, Alice, Aisling, Baitsakhan, Jago, An, Shari, Maccabee and Hilal through sacrifices and betrayals, broken hearts and broken bones, as they shed their normal lives and transform ino the Players they were meant to be. 

Includes all 3 Training Diaries volumes.