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Star Wars Folded Flyers

Star Wars Folded Flyers


Taking you where no paper airplane book has gone before - the Galactic Empire.  This is the only book of its kind that enables Jedi knights to follow their dreams of replicating Star Wars spacecrafts that actually fly!


Knights of all ages can transform the pre-printed papers into 6 high-performance fighters including Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon, and Naboo Starfighter. Aerodynamic experts helped engineer these flyers for ease of folding and fantastic flight


  • Six different ships - Naboo Starfighter, Millennium Falcon, T-65 X-Wing, BLT-B Y-Wing, Jedi Starfighter, Darth Vader's Tie Fighter
  • 60 pages of instructions
  • 40 sheets of ready to fold paper flyers
  • 6 stands
  • 1 sheet adhesive tape
  • a beginners guide to Starfighters
  • Folding tips from the Jedi Masters
  • Flying advice from the Galaxy's greatest pilots


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