You're the Kind of Girl I Write Songs About - Daniel Herborn


Tim's a young singer-songwriter with a guitar case full of songs and dreams of finding an audience to embrace his tunes.


Mandy's obsessed with music and a compulsive dreamer. She's longing for something more fulfilling than daytime TV and cups of tea with best friend Alice, something like the excitement of rock 'n' roll.


When their eyes meet at a gig, sparks fly across a crowded room and hope burns in their hearts.


But in a city of millions and a scene overrun with wannabes, can they ever get it together? Will Mandy's nerves doom their romance before it even starts? And where does the darkness in Tim's songs come from?


This is a story of Sydney's Inner West, of first love, crush bands and mixtapes; of the thrill of the night and what happens when the music stops.

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