Why We Do It

Because we believe that EVERY child should get to celebrate their birthday. They should get to feel the tingles of excitement as the day draws near, thinking about presents and cake and blowing the candles out. We’ve all been kids.  We were either lucky enough to have birthdays (and can remember the excitement) OR we didn’t and understand how it feels to miss out. 


For a child living in disadvantage, they are already missing out on enough each and every day.  And they know it. We want to give them back a piece of childhood that they not only deserve, but need. The power of celebration is real.  It can raise a child’s spirit, improve their mental wellbeing, make them feel special and make them smile.

Our Story

Birthdays From The Heart was founded by Samantha Judd, a mother of two, who had herself experienced extreme financial hardship in 2009/2010 due to a marriage breakdown.

She could barely afford to cover everyday living costs so there was definitely not enough left to buy a present, let alone throw a party for her kids with a few of their closest friends.  Knowing that she couldn’t afford anything for them was heartbreaking for Sam as both her children had experienced birthday fun every previous year and, with all the upheaval in their young lives at that time, it was more important than ever to continue to celebrate their special day.

For a child, the significance of their birthday isn’t just on the actual day.  It’s the excitement they experience in the lead up to their birthday.….the anticipation of friends, fun, cake and presents. 

Luckily for Sam, her mother was able to step in and help, ensuring that Elyse and Jackson would still get to experience the usual fuss and excitement in the lead up to their birthdays.

That’s when Sam started to think about all those parents, struggling like she was, who didn’t have the support that she had in her own mother and she promised herself that one day, she would find a way to become that very same support to other parents and their children that her own mother was for her.

Samantha Judd - Founder

It was through Sam’s personal experience that we exist today.  She is the driving force behind Birthdays From The Heart and her role revolves around liaising with community and business supporters, the media and the groups who work directly with the affected families that we support. Sam also is involved in creating and planning our fundraising events, gift selections and is responsible for all grant applications.

Elyse Ninnis-Judd - Secretary & Treasurer

As Sam’s daughter, Elyse is one half (the other being her brother) of the inspiration behind Birthdays From The Heart.

Elyse is not only extremely competent in her roles (having completed Year 12 studying Ancient & Modern History, Politics & Law and Psychology), she is also just as determined to bring birthday joy to as many kids as possible. On top of her responsibilities as an Executive Officer, she is also involved in fundraising events, maintaining the website, managing social media postings and gift selections.

Greg Judd - Chair

Sam’s big brother.  Experienced in all facets of business management as he owned and operated his own business for a number of years.  As Coach of his son’s U12 basketball team, the positive impact Greg has on the young kids on the team is very noticeable.  He builds their esteem up and makes them believe in themselves.  With two young children of his own, he is acutely aware of how important our work is.   Greg is also involved in creating and planning our fundraising events and gift selection.

Sylvia Judd - Deputy Chair

Sylvia is Sam’s mother, and it was she who ensured that her grandchildren, Elyse and Jackson, did not go without on their birthdays.  Sylvia has just recently retired after working for Silver Chain as a Care Aide for over 25 years and, as great Mum’s do, provides support in any capacity required.

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Providing birthday celebrations to disadvantaged children

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