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4 times the fun

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Two weeks ago, we had one of the biggest weekends ever, with 4 birthdays to be celebrated, across two locations of a NOR women's refuge.

There were 3 children in one location, so they shared their joint party with the other children at the refuge, while the fourth, Master 1, had his celebration at another site.

Because we only had one week's notice, none of our bakers were able to commit to making a cake. So we put a call out on Facebook, asking for donations specifically to buy a birthday cake from the Cheesecake Shop that could be shared by all. The response to our request was amazing, we well and truly received enough for the cake and was also able to buy all the party food as well.

This is the cake we bought - 6 layers of rainbow coloured vanilla sponge layered with fresh cream and covered in rainbow coloured sprinkles...YUM!

But because we also wanted each of the 3 birthday kids to have their own special little cake, we made them a custom cupcake each and included a candle so they still got to blow it out and make a wish

They were also going to have fun with the great gifts their Mums chose for them from our Birthday Store.

Luckily for us, one of our newest followers just happened to be a caker extraordinaire and she created this absolutely SWEET birthday cake for little Master 1. It was spectacularly beautiful and huge thanks go to Lara's Little Creations for putting her hand up and making this with only 4 days notice!

Happy Birthday to all 4 kids

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