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Soccer + Superheroes

Masters 4 and 10, two brothers whose birthdays were within days of each other, celebrated with a joint birthday party.

Their chosen themes? - Avengers for Master 4 and Soccer for Master 10.

The message we received afterwards from their Mum – “The boys were so excited. Thank you for making us smile again”. Nothing beats knowing that you’ve been able to provide some joy and fun to a family going through tough times.

First up – Avengers. Check out the cake! It doesn’t get more superhero than this! Kindly donated by J Cakes & Bakes, one of our longest serving cakers who puts her heart & soul into everything she makes for us.

We added some mini red velvet Thor’s Hammer cupcakes because….well…we found them on Pinterest and just HAD to give them a go - marshmallows sprayed with edible silver metallic paint with a breadstick for the handle.

Next up...Soccer for Master 10. We made a chocolate number 10 cake and visited our newest addiction, Bake Boss, for the soccer players and the soccer balls which were edible sugar decorations. The array of pretty cool cupcakes was donated by Becca of Sweet Inspirations Perth.

To tie in with the theme of black, green and white and then we found some perfect Soccer printables on Pinterest – attaching one type of label to black treat boxes (found at Big W) and filling them with popcorn while the other type, Time Out Treats, contained Oreos, spearmint leaves and milk bottles to stay with the colour scheme.

Add in some party food, cool drinks and fruit juice and the birthday boys and their friends were ready to party.

Happy Birthday to you both.

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